The Hilal for the month of Rajab was looked for and seen by members of the Hilal Committee siting at Madinah Masjid including Mufti Aslam, Mufti Ibrahim and members on the eve of Sunday 29the Jumada-Al-Thani.

There for the Hilal Committee declared Monday 19th March 2018 the 1st of Rajab 1439.

 The next meeting of the Hilal committee to determine the Hilal sighting for the month of Sha'ban will take place on the eve of Monday 29th Rajab – 16th April 2018. Insha-Allah meeting will be at Madinah Masjid. 1015 Danforth Ave. Toronto. Masajid and organizations are requested to send their reps at least half -hour before sunset.