The crescent moon to commence the month of Rajab 1440 AH was looked for after the sunset of Thursday 7th March 2019. Reports from all committees, locally and regionally, confirm that the MOON WAS SIGHTED.The moon was also sighted by brothers from MADINAH MASJID

     The Hilal Committee has accepted these reports and has declared that the month of Jamada-al-Thani 1440 AH has completed 29 days. Therefore, the 1st night of Rajab 1440 AH is the night of Thursday 7th March 2019, and the 1st day of Rajab 1440 AH will be the day of Friday 8th March 2019.

The next Meeting of the Hilal Committee will be held on 29th Rajab Friday April 5th 2019. To determine the sighting of Hilal for Sha'ban.

Day/Date   Friday 5th April 2019.

Time After Salatul Magrib

Place Madinah Masjid

1015, Danforth Ave


Please send a Imam / Scholar and a representative from your organisation.

To attend the meeting.


Hilal Committee, based in Toronto, does not include the Pacific time zone. Our Fiqh Committee agreed with the sunset in the summer at 9:04 PM to wait 3 hours for Pacific zone was not practical for Masjids Taraweeh Salaat. Our standards are applied the same way for each moon sighting.